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Welcome to Div - Full stack Digital Agency...

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...creating digital solutions tailored to your needs.

We are IT lovers and enthusiasts.
Div.agency has been established as a product of our love and appetite
towards working and creating digital products.

what we do

In-house Projects

As IT and entrepreneurship lovers we have million ideas which we would love to create and make public. Ideas which we truly believe would help people in their everyday life.
Every now and then we select a project and decide to make it happen, a project on which we all focus on and with participation of all team members make it happen!
We are proud on every single one of them!

Clients Projects

Every new project is exciting and a challenge for us. It is unique, and we are approaching to every project like that.
Our focus is on communication and collaboration with clients and our goal is to, together with them, create the best possible digital solution which will have the best impact for business growth.

Interested in working with us?
Check what we can offer to you.

Our specialities

Clean Custom Design
Clean & Custom Design

We create custom design by latest trends in UI & UX for every project, so you can be sure you have a unique product on market.

Web site development
Website Development

Website is a digital presenter of your company. We develop modern, fast and functional responsive websites by using latest technology trends.

Mobile Apps
iOS & Android Apps

Whether you want an App for your StartUp or to optimize your business processes, we will create an App tailored to your needs.

eCommerce Development

The world is getting smaller and the market bigger – with our webshop we will help you find clients all over the world.

Web Apps
Web Application Development

Start the digital transformation of your company with cloud based web applications made custom just for your company.

AdWords & SEO

With our SEO optimisation and AdWords campaigns your company will achieve top results in Search Engines.

Our Technology Stack

Vue Laravel Wordpress Kotlin Java React Flutter Swift Objective-C

We've been on both sides, entrepreneurs and developers...
We will recognize your needs, consult you and together with you we'll
create a product which will result in your business growth.


Looking for Exclusive Service?

Looking for Exclusive Service?

Looking for Exclusive Service?

Looking for Exclusive Service?

A small portion
of what we have already


Catering Gušti Webshop
Catering Gušti Webshop Design and Development

Great pleasure for small gatherings. We have helped our client design and develop a small webshop so their clients could order their Catering services online, pay online, total automation, so our client could concentrate even more on providing top service.

Mirabilis Website Design and Development

The wonderful ambience is a dreamy combination of modern decoration that celebrates love and togetherness under its own starry sky. Our job was to transfer that idea and present it in digital through this website. We have made custom design and developed a website whose goal is to present Wedding Hall to potential clients. Check it out!

Catering Gusti
Catering Gušti Website

The owner of one of the best Catering businesses in Zadar, Croatia, has started with Company Rebranding and has given us the privilege of creating the responsive design for new website.

Mr. Razor
MR.RAZOR Barbershop Booking Engine & Web Application Design and Development

For one of the world's best barbers we have created an Online Booking Engine together with a Web Application with calendar view for all reservations overview for all of the Barbershop employees.

Heritage Boutique Hotel Villa Giardino
Heritage Boutique Hotel
Villa Giardino Website Redesign and Development

After a tour through this beautiful Heritage Hotel, the history which the owner has told us, and his vision with the hotel, we have created a new responsive design for official website, which will definitely represent the hotel at the level it truly deserves.

Loading Game
Loading... iOS and Android Mobile game Design and Development

Loading… is our new in-house project, it is a mobile game we created as an result of waiting some website to load. So what to play while the screen is loading? Simple, Loading… game! :)

Lunch Advisor
Lunch Advisor iOS and Android Mobile and Tablet App Design and Development

We have told you how we love to bring our ideas to life. Well, this is one of them, this was our first In-house project which we have decided to create and offer it on App Store and Google Play. Second version, with a lot of improvements and functionalities is being developed and will be live soon.

Nave Yacht Service
NAVE Yacht Service Website Design and Development

The owner wanted a simple landing page about his line of work, about the offer his company is providing and location details so every web visitor has a way of contacting him. We have designed simple and transparent responsive thematic website, together with SEO optimization so the client has all the conditions for success.

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info@div-agency.com 21 000 Split Croatia

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